Traffic police divorce: You went on the oncoming traffic lane

Traffic police divorce: You went on the oncoming traffic lane
The dream of each werewolf – to catch the driver who is driving on the wrong side of the road. In Moscow for such it is possible to "cut down" about 70 000 rubles or to pursue the scheme, having deprived of the motorist of the rights for the term from 4 till 6 months. But how to catch, if this violation became very rare? To arrange! There are four processed schemes.

The 1st scheme – to partition off the road by any "broken" car or a log … At all this the place for a detour on the right and at the left remains. However, at the left all of you will equally climb on the oncoming traffic lane, and on the right – in any impassable hole. It is necessary to you to be put only to go round at the left as you to a meeting will stop and will show a photo or video of your violation. By rules, at possibility to go round an obstacle on the right, you should not leave on the oncoming traffic lane. How to avoid a trap? In – 1-x, all the same to go round on the right. In – 2-x if went round at the left to photograph a violation place: what is expensive to the right of an obstacle and how many the place with is left from it, and with this material in court. Will not prevent to make request on a track record of the inspectors who have stopped you – as often they catch drivers on the oncoming traffic lane and as at all this the caught came true. And, in – 3-x to understand that the hindrance detour at the left is punished not by deprivation of the rights as you will assure, and a penalty from 1 000 to 1 500 river (KOAP, Art. 12.15 ч.3).

The 2nd scheme – the oldest and true. On the long site of the road with prohibition of overtaking there is a low-speed transport. You not вытерпливаете, and overtake as soon as possible. And the inspector know, where there will be such possibility – there them and wait. Against this scheme there is only one reception – not to overtake under any pretext.

The 3rd scheme – discrepancy of a marking and signs. That it worked, enough only to break a sign of cancellation of a ban on overtaking. But on the Russian roads and without that there are a lot of applicable places for such divorce. Remember: the continuous line is replaced interrupting, but the sign of cancellation of a ban is not present. And the intersection is not present. There are no also other signs of the end of act of a prohibition sign that got to you earlier, together with the continuous line. Here you also go on overtaking, and you catch. What to do? Know that else in 2008 Kiryanov let’s the order solve similar disputes in favour of drivers:

«The main city inspector of safety of traffic on subjects of the Russian Federation 6/30/2008 aimed the instruction No. 13/6-120 on discrepancy of lines of a horizontal marking to requirements of road signs: receipt cases in Russian Federation OBDD Ministry of Internal Affairs Department of complaints and addresses of people concerning attraction them to administrative responsibility for violation of the traffic regulations, connected with departure on the party of the road intended for oncoming traffic recently became frequent. At all this, in described situations, strips of a horizontal marking do not correspond to requirements of road signs. Cases when on a paving there is the horizontal marking 1.5 dividing transport streams of the turnaround directions more often meet, and the road sign 3.20 "Overtaking is established "The end of prohibition of overtaking" is forbidden" without the indication of a zone of act of the entered restriction or installation of a road sign 3.21. This combination of the above-stated means of the organisation of traffic is inadmissible. The above-stated facts testify to default of the instruction of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation from August 1, 2007 of No. 1/6080 regarding an exception of the facts of unreasonably established road signs and the applied lines of a marking of the carriageway.

By consideration of disputable situations when it is established that strips of a horizontal marking do not correspond to requirements of the established road signs, the situation should be treated in favour of participants of traffic. Main city inspector of safety of traffic of the Russian Federation, lieutenant general of militia V. N. Kiryanov». And everything put! Do not get only on temporary signs. There the order Most does not operate.

The most tremendous – the 4th scheme connected with forgetfulness of bureaucrats and jams. It simply poem! You go round road jams yards? Then prepare for this scheme of divorce. Here you leave a yard on the road and you stop, showing you driving on a strip of oncoming traffic. And from where to you was to know, what here one-way traffic? A sign at departure from a yard was not! Correctly – was not, really, all departures from yards on unilateral roads and on roads with a strip for movement of public transport should be equipped with the corresponding signs. 100 times were told about it at the greatest levels. In volume of wine of the traffic police. How to avoid deprivation of the rights? In – 1-x to go only on known routes. But after all the organisation of movement can exchange in though what moment! Therefore, in – 2-x if will get, photograph the car against the road and that departure, with an absent sign. In – 3-x, as well as in the first scheme, through the lawyer to make request on a track record of the inspectors who have stopped you and, whenever possible, to find residents who will confirm that traffic police crews constantly are on duty on this street.

All described schemes can have options and understand from a course that you plant, it is very heavy. Therefore when providing charge calm down, concentrate and analyse the violation, having asked itself the main issue – why so left. The answer and understanding of a situation will come soon.

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