10 printsipny rules insuring your car against stealing

Though the militian statistics testifies to a tendency to reduction of the offences connected with a car by stealings and thefts from cars, to say that this type of crimes became an anachronism, it is not necessary yet. But there are ways which will promote owners of cars to minimise attempts of malefactors at them "iron horses".

They were listed in exclusive interview of RBC by the deputy chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Moscow on economic safety the lieutenant general of militia Victor Vasilyev.

According to him, by criminals can be applied as mechanical adaptations to opening of salon and folding of locks of ignition, and the hi-tech electric equipment intended for scanning of impulses of security complexes, established on cars. Cases of thefts of cars with introduction of wreckers and towages by other hardware are frequent.

Also criminals use a way of theft of keys at car owners with the subsequent their introduction when stealing car. Are more subject to this type of crimes of the district in places of a mass congestion of people: food markets, trading and construction centres and shops.

Robberies and assaults are almost always made the next ways:

1. At the moment of a parking at the house or shop, criminals, threatening with words, and at need and the fire or cold tool, select at injured valuable things, means of communication, documents on the car and disappear on it.

2. When using инфы from the Iz ruk v ruki newspaper or the Internet. I.e. the offender finds the suitable car according to announcements, makes an appointment later and at the moment of car survey (usually, at the included cursor), asks to change the carrier on a passenger seat to look at the car under way. While the last bypasses the car to comply with a request of "buyer", the offender leaves.

3. At warming up of the motor of the car, т.е when criminals watch for the victim at the moment of departure from garage cockleshell.

4. At bringing up, i.e. when criminals sit down in the car as passengers and along the line select the car.

For growth of extent of protection of the car from theft and stealing not installation of the additional anticreeping equipment, both mechanical, and electronic, including installation of the satellite anticreeping systems which are widely provided by the various organisations will be superfluous.

Not avoiding car theft, it is necessary to observe some more councils:

1. Upon car purchase (it is better to choose not widespread colour colouring) to equip it with anti-theft signalling devices and if they are already established, to check their working capacity and efficiency, if necessary to change or add. The bigger effect is reached at establishment satellite and radio search engines.

2. To put on glasses and car headlights marking of "Liteks", also to use additional a car marking "Date the Pillbox" – the special chip of a microscopic format on which all information on the car is stored.

3. To equip the car with the unusual "sekretka" blocking supply of fuel, the electric power, etc., also to establish additional mechanical locks on pedals, a wheel and a box.

4. At a long parking of the car, also at night to use only protected parkings or garages or to leave the car in perfectly shined places, in places of visibility of city chambers of video surveillance.

5. Before disconnecting security system and the alarm system by the car, it is necessary to consider that the criminals being in certain proximity, can consider by means of the scanner a signal and later open your car.

6. At visit of places of a mass congestion of people it is necessary to put keys and documents on the car in hard-to-reach spots (inside pockets of clothes, etc.), in order to avoid their theft for the purpose of the future plunder of motor transport.

7. By car transfer to extraneous persons, for example, for carrying out repair to do instructions of the established security systems, transferring them to a service mode, and not to transfer charms of the alarm system, electronic labels and keys from mechanical blocking of the car.

8. At departure from garage not to leave the car with the included cursor. After landing in the car and during movement it is necessary to block door locks. It is also useful before opening of doors of the car when landing and landing to look round on the parties, paying attention to the suspects who were nearby (special attention it is necessary to give to persons of North Caucasian appearance who as the statistics shows, make open plunder of cars more often).

9. At independent sale of the car, for example, through the announcement in the newspaper or on the Internet, it is not necessary to leave the buyer of the 1st in the car, even on a small gleam of time. It is better to show the car with a role of the assistant who is on a back seat and not leaving the car. To disagree on a meeting in solitudes, to come on a meeting with somebody from acquaintances etc.

10. If you see from a window about your car of the suspects making predatory acts, it is not necessary to leave without the aid of others because it can appear dodge for the purpose of attack and a taking keys from a car. In such cases avtoindent.ru it is necessary to call employees of militia. If attack nevertheless is made, it is necessary to do all requirements of criminals and not to render resistance in order to avoid drawing from their party of harm to your health. Whenever possible to understand their signs and at release immediately to tell in law enforcement agencies.

In 2009 in Moscow 11 350 thousand stealings and motor transport thefts are written down that on 977 cases it is less, than in 2008, V. Vasilyev noted. The greatest number of a car of thefts is made at night: about 55 % of thefts of cars were the share of a night-time, on day – about 12 %. All models of cars both Russian are subject to thefts and stealings practically, and zabugorny production, marked out the deputy chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs.

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