How to change a wheel

How to change a wheel
Such easy operation at the 1st look as wheel replacement, asks a certain skill and ability. Numerous ‘traumas’ of the car testify to it in the form of the torn-off nests for a jack, the crumpled thresholds which are put to the favourites by not so skilled drivers. And times people suffer also. 

HOW to Change the WHEEL?
The true operations procedure at replacement of a wheel should be the following. Include the first transfer, perfectly tighten the parking brake and under wheels from the back of the car put wedges emphasis. It is necessary to send in addition wedges a little a hammer, on another they will protect not so reliably the car from moving. Get a spare wheel later, put it on the earth (against the car to lean it does not follow) and weaken nuts of the damaged wheel. Further raise the car a jack, unscrew fastening nuts, remove a faulty wheel and put it on the earth. At present put a spare wheel, acquire and tighten a key as can be nuts or fastening bolts, lower the car on the earth and absolutely tighten nuts (bolts). Clean into place removed wheel and pull out wedges from under wheels.

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