To wash the car in the winter – as it is better to do it…

To wash the car in the winter - as it is better to do it...
To wash or not to wash? If in warm weather this question at motorists, usually, does not arise, because all would like, that their car sparkled on the sun, in the winter car owners set it to themselves much more often. Also are quite often declined to the second option supposedly and why it to wash, if it through couple of km again becomes dirty? We decided to find out all features of winter washing of the car.

Question 1. And whether it is necessary?
- To a meeting to you I will tell, in the winter it is necessary to wash the car surely! – with surprise Maxim parries my question of need of washing of the car in the winter. – On another it will reincarnate in such dirty tank soon. And to whom it is pleasant? Not enough that you about it will be constantly soiled, and appearance becomes disgusting.
- Here you will not argue, – I answer, – after all actually not enough lump would like to go by the dirty car. But, despite it, many consider, what the layer грязищи by the car will serve good as protection of a body against reagents and salt with which strew our roads?
- It not so, – answers Maxim. Reagents possess hostile environment. And if their impact on a paint and varnish covering not so strong, at contact with spotless metal (and by cars usually there are any chips and scratches) they start to cause corrosion. And this, clear business to anything good will not lead.

Question 2. How to wash?
Forget about washing own horse without the aid of others «at a dacha with a bucket and a rag». In – 1-x, at such sink water with dirt will freeze in one stage. In – 2-x, you will absolutely freeze to yourselves hands. In – 3-x, when washing by a rag dirt and particles of sand will scratch the car. Effect approximately same as if to take a stone and to carry out them on the car case. So use car wash services. There and the equipment special (water surely should go under a high pressure), and chemistry what is necessary, and will serve you the master. The next moment – water temperature. Remember, in the winter to wash the car it is necessary only warm water. In a sample its temperature should be 30-40 degrees. So, cold water it will not be simple to wash dirt. The usual physics here works: the water is warmer, the quicker it will wash away dirt. Well and it is impossible to go to far. – We had a case, Maxim knows, – the car only from a frost called in, and it doused very hot water. Degrees 50-60 was. So at it all glasses burst. So it is not necessary to go into extremes. Water should be warm. Warm, by the way, should be and car salon. – Some come to a parking, get the car and, without having warmed up it, right there call in in the next sink. Such it is not necessary to do, because because of distinction between water temperature and temperature in the car, in salon condensate starts to accumulate. In other words after a sink you risk to sit down in the wettish car.

Question 3. How to dry?

In the winter after the car is washed up, it needs to be dried up. There are two types of drying: manual and automatic. In the first case water from your car will clean by means of artificial or natural suede. And in the 2nd special installations will blow your car the air stream which speed reaches 200 km/h. Having blown it is carried out on all profile of the car and by itself is better way of drying. After the car dried, it is necessary to blow also locks on doors and a luggage carrier, handles of doors and a fuel tank mouth. Usually it do by means of the special gun with the compressed air. After such processing of water usually anywhere does not remain. If you beheld drops of water or stains – do not hesitate, ask to clean, eventually, it them work. Still moment: after a sink take all doors of the car opened during few minutes. It will liberate from danger of a primerzaniye of doors to a body.

Question 4. What to do with interiors?
 Meanwhile we mentioned only body washing. How to be with other interiors? With a cursor, for example, or salon? – In general, the wash of the motor is in the winter a big discrepancy. And I do not advise with it to communicate, – Maxim speaks. – The main discrepancy is that the cursor can simply not be got. If in the summer it quickly dries out and as a result will be got, in a minus of 20 degrees such possibility is equal to zero. And if wish to wash salon, no troubles are present. But do not forget to warm up the car inside.

Question 5. What to do after a sink?
So, the car is washed up and dried up. Do not hurry up to leave. It is necessary to take care also of various elastic bands and sealants, having processed them silicone greasing or a water forcing out aerosol of the WD-40 type. In that case they will not freeze and become covered by cracks. It concerns with a loop, door gleams and larvae of locks. If in your car there is a hatch, surely pay to it attention. On old cars it can proceed. Be not too lazy, open it and everything there dry wipe. To wash the car less often, it is possible to use such services, as polishing or drawing of hot wax. Their main function is that they do an unusual water-repellent microfilm. And the polyrole besides appropriates light. But such services, frankly speaking, the expensive. At departure from a car wash it is not necessary to press gas in a floor. Leave slowly. After departure several times brake to dry brake shoes and disks. If it not to make, the 1st braking at great speed can be inefficient. You can simply get to accident, – Maxim speaks. 
By the way, any time by the car is even better to do a bit of travelling. The water which has remained in cavities of a body, will quicker evaporate at the expense of natural ventilation during movement. And on parking the car is obligatory for putting without a bench hammer.

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