The car is not got, the matter is that the accumulator

The car is not got, the matter is that the accumulator
From time to time, almost always in most not a right moment, you insert a key into the ignition lock, turn it, bulbs light up, and the starter of your car publishes simply strshny sounds. To you it becomes terrible, you try again, but all this business repeats and repeats. Fault to it often the car accumulator, it sat down, or as say in the people – died. Be not frightened, especially terrible did not leave, so small annoying discrepancy which vobshchy can grow in the new accumulator, and they now not cheap stand.

For a start switch off all sources of electricity consumption of your car: bulbs, ignition, the tape recorder, heating of seats and everything that though somehow takes away our electricity from the accumulator. Open a cowl, find the accumulator, and, look at its plugs. They should be spotless, without visible traces of oxidation. It, by the way, is necessary for checking always, and not just when the accumulator sat down or on the last legs. If those traces are available, disconnect weight (minus a joint stock bank wire) and smooth out accumulator plugs. If you near at hand have Litol, grease with it plugs of the car and the accumulator plug. It will prevent emergence of oxidation in forthcoming and will help to protect your power source. It is good to find the voltmeter and to measure tension. For start the car tension should be more than 12 volts and if behind a window the frost, the more is tension of the accumulator, the better, after all oil in your cursor absolutely dense, and more effort is necessary for a starter of your car to turn a cranked shaft of the car. 

Farther at us two ways.
- If with tension everything is normal, and the starter on the former does not twist, most likely the matter is that a starter or its control system. The starter relay, and later and he usually fails.
- If tension is not present, it means that your accumulator sat down and to get the car to you it is necessary or it «from a pusher», or to find other power supply. To get the car from a pusher too it is necessary to be able, but after pair of times of such zavodka, you will gain skill suitable you. But it concerns cars with a mechanical transmission, with machine guns everything is more difficult, as to me clearly them from a pusher will not get, only will spoil a box. 

It is useful to have with itself wires for so-called "prikurivaniye". There are they not and is expensive, the cheapest about 200-300 rubles, silicone are more expensive, the price list starts from 500 rubles. Let’s remind that the prices for batteries start from 2000 thousand on Russian units, and it is more. Varta costs about 4 thousand in usual autoshop.

To get the car with the sat-down accumulator, resort to a way of a prikurivaniye. There are subtleties and nuances, a certain sequence of actions:
1) be convinced that your cars do not adjoin in common
2) muffle the car of your companion
3) connect plusovy (+) plugs of the discharged accumulator and the worker (further in the text auxiliary) the accumulator
4) printsipno! Connect the wire end to a minus of the died accumulator, and the 2nd end connect on mass of the auxiliary car, on the block of cylinders, or to a motor support, at all do not connect directly to the minus plug of the accumulator
5) get the auxiliary car, after try to start the car with the sat-down accumulator if at you is everything is all right with ignition system, and there are no other troubles, and only your accumulator is guilty, the car should be got.
6) To avoid power surges at the moment of a detachment of wires by the car, with the died accumulator, turn on the fan, but not headlights, lamps in them can fuse with ease. And three minutes are better to allow to work to both cars. 
7) At first disconnect minus wires, later the plusovy.
And finally a little advice which is known by all skilled motorists. Before car start in a cold season, include on pair of seconds a driving beam and wait half-minute, processes which will begin in your accumulator will warm up it, and it already will be not such sat down that will facilitate start of the motor of the car.

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