Overheat of the motor and as with these to fight

Overheat of the motor and as with these to fight
The motor overheat because of a leak in system of cooling leads to serious consequences. Therefore it is necessary to know how just right to reveal preconditions of difficulty and that it is necessary to have with itself for their elimination. Many drivers as disappointingly it would not sound, look on a trip only at a speedometer. But one of basic devices on the panel — the index of temperature of cooling water. In the majority of cars it is not provided with a signal warning about an exit for borders of an admissible mode therefore, if periodically not to throw on it a look, about the happened overheat the driver learns already on a pungent smell of the boiled antifreeze and puffs of vapour from under a cowl. Usually, it means prospect of terrible repair. The matter is that when boiling cooling water the steam which were formed in system interferes with normal cooling of the unit, and the temperature starts grow as avalanche. In some minutes of movement with the peregrety motor it is possible to receive, for example, deformation of a head of the block or jamming of piston group with break of rods. After all to an overheat of the serviceable motor lead, usually, directly "trifles" — details of the cheap price and elementary replaced. The main thing — just right to behold.

If the car is equipped with the electric fan, it can directly appear one of events of an overheat. Though the in itself fan is rather reliable and breaks from time to time that, to chagrin, it is impossible to tell about system of its management which treat
temperature sensor and relay. The scheme of operation of the fan is simple: as the temperature of cooling water rises to the certain limit, the sensor washed by it becomes isolated and via the operating relay turns on the fan. If it does not occur, diagnostics we begin with a safety lock. Usually, on a cover of the block of safety locks by the pictogramme it is shown, what directly is responsible for the fan. From time to time it looks normally, but because of bad landing in a nest it is simple «not контачит». Then there is enough it to stir or turn in contact petals. If the safety lock fused, the exit is obvious — replacement.

The following step — check of the temperature sensor. To find it it is simple, because it is the unique detail of a radiator of which wires stick out. Here these wires are necessary for disconnecting and closing from the sensor between itself then to include ignition. If the fan twirled, means, the sensor is faulty. To repair it it is impossible — it not folding, but it is possible to go further, having left wires closed, and the fan working continuously. Go so cars with a belt drive of a krylchatka, and anything! If short circuit of wires of the sensor did not help, it is necessary to exclude from the relay scheme — taking out it from a safety box, we replace with a piece of a wire, peremyky nests of operating contacts. Managing directors, it is simple to find what contacts of the relay according to the scheme represented on a cover of the block. 

Did not earn? – and then it is necessary to check food existence on the fan motor by means of an ordinary bulb with conductings. If a food is not present (a bulb does not flare at the included ignition), matter in a wire — somewhere contact was gone in plaits or sockets. The best in such situation will not untwine plaits (which are quite often almost unattainable), and, having used a piece of a wire, to submit a food on the fan directly from the accumulator. If tension on the fan is, but it all the same does not spin, to you has not luck, the electromotor failed. Such, we will repeat, from time to time, but happens. In this case it is possible to continue carefully movement, but the temperature index becomes the main device to you. Slightly the arrow came nearer to a red zone — stop, open a cowl and cool a cursor. In such mode you hardly enjoy driving, but to a place of repair will reach.

One more reason of an overheat — the thermostat. This artful device from time to time gets jammed in a closed position, and cooling liquid circulates on «a small circle», in other words bypassing a radiator. To be convinced of it it is simple — podymay a cowl and we try to the touch a radiator. The motor hot, a radiator cold — the thermostat is closed. From time to time happens to knock enough with something on the thermostat case that it opened.

But such it is better to change as soon as possible. If will not help, the thermostat should be removed. This procedure not that that difficult, but quite troublesome. From the removed thermostat it is necessary though what suitable stock to break out all stuffing and to put it into place. A cursor becomes long to get warm, but it is so possible to go (in particular in the summer). It happens that the thermostat gets jammed in a half-open condition. It does terrible difficulties at diagnostics — it seems both a radiator hot, and the fan "threshes", and the cursor is all the same heated. Discrepancy that water flow through a radiator is weakened, and a part it continues to circulate on «a small circle». If you are convinced of the diagnosis, safely break avtoindent.ru the thermostat and if is not present, include an oven on a maximum, open windows and slowly move to repair. Usually, productivity of an oven suffices not to overheat the motor absolutely. Pleasure, naturally, below an average, but it is possible to reach.

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