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Classification of rims

Classification of rims
Rims play huge role for determination of appearance of the car. Therefore car owners very carefully approach to a choice of design of a rim. Without considering aesthetic value disks do mass of other functions. The wheel connects the car with darling providing its movement. Also it perceives all roughnesses and change of a profile of the road which Continue reading

Suitable set for repair on the road

Suitable set for repair on the road
Even if it is not supposed to repair without the aid of others the car in a way, the small tool kit, accessories and operational liquids can always be useful.

• Jack.
• A key for wheel bolts and nuts.
• Protivootkatnye emphasis (for example, pair of wood whetstones).
• Towing cable.
• The pump or the compressor for pumping of tyres.
• 1-2 l of antifreeze.
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