How to prolong life to your car

How to prolong life to your car
Own car – infinite expenditure of means. It is necessary for filling, taking constantly insurance the policy, to pass planned technical service. And it not including that at first it is necessary besides to get this devourer of the personal income. But whether it is possible to cut expenses on the car somehow? Perhaps nevertheless it is more favourable not to serve it at all? Some and do. And late it is necessary to change expensive details or to sell the broken car for nothing. It is much more favourable not to protect on care of an iron horse. Then will serve for a long time and reliably, well and will embody it even easier. Let’s decide in more detail on the list of neotklonimy procedures for performance.
First, it is necessary to familiarise laboriously with the summary enclosed to the hardware on operation. The producer best of all knows, what details wear out most quicker, it is better to choose what interservice interval and what expendables to support operability of units. So the most ordinary and to a descent the most printsipny rule consists in severe performance of the actions ordered by the producer. At manufacturer, most likely, were reinsured and specified run of boundaries planned THAT in 1,5-2 times below suitable for ordinary functioning of all knots and units. It is made of judgments of safety, besides service conditions of cars can differ very much enough that results in the overestimated wear of details.
So, to be engaged in replacement of oil, filters and service liquids it is necessary strictly within instructions of the producer. Some owners of cars carry out this function even more often. Will not be more awful from it in any case, and additional investments into an ukhozhennost of own car can bear fruit in the form of the increased term of problemless operation.
Here a little theoretical figures. If to change oil in a cursor each 6 months instead of the 1st once a year, it is necessary to spend once a year for some thousand rubles more. In 5 years of operation this sum can reach 10 thousand. But similar measures will promote to prolong term of life of the car on some years, and here economy can go on hundred parts of thousands. The box loves high-quality synthetic oils.

Oil in boxes
The next printsipny brick in the base of long-term operation of the hardware – timely replacement of transmission oil. Here it is necessary to consider, what type of a box is used in your car, drive type, also some other circumstances. It is recommended to fill in only high-quality synthetic oils. As the main management to action the instruction of the producer again should serve a techno. There it should be specified not only the replacement period, well and such printsipny characteristics, as composition of oil, a class of viscosity and other. Business strictly is not recommended to deviate the requirements put forward by plant, for another can terminate in complete replacement of a box. One will be not out of place only – more frequent replacement of oil. It is possible to be guided by run in 50 thousand km. Cost of replacement of oil in borders of several thousand rubles will not be compared to purchase of a new box. Naturally, on service to you can offer a second-hand box, after all it costs cheaper a little, but nobody will be charged for term of its service.

As all it is clear, wheels turn at the expense of numerous bearings. If they become soiled, lose greasing or collapse, it can lead to cruel consequences. This small component of a suspension bracket should be checked even more often as to do it quite simply. If in a good condition, them it is necessary to grease bearings simply. Otherwise replacement is required. It is dependent on car model design features of bearings and naves can differ considerably. So before posting of the car on the lift it is quite good to familiarise with the summary. It is absolutely enough to grease bearings two times a year: 1st time in the spring and in the 2nd autumn. From time to time design features assume replacement of the whole knot because of one broken detail so it is necessary to look after similar things more attentively.
The working cylinder of coupling, the main brake cylinder, the hydraulic booster of the managing director of management Some systems of the car are so important that their invariable check is simply necessary from judgments of safety. It is possible to carry to such elements the working cylinder of coupling, the main brake cylinder, the hydraulic booster of the managing director of management. Unexpected refusal though what of these units can have the most sad and irreparable consequences. So it is not necessary to save time and means. Quite often check availability of liquids. If level is insufficient, it is necessary to add to an optimum condition. But it should pay separate attention. If any of liquids began to vanish sharply, maybe, in system leak was formed. To localise it it is possible without the aid of others, or to address in the specialist service. Repair of such malfunction cannot be postponed in the long box, simply adding liquid, on another during some moment the situation can get out of hand.

Brakes and Abs
Brake shoes in disk brakes can wear out quickly enough, in particular at big loadings, continuous saturated delay, so-called "sports" style of driving. The owner of the car can check itself wear of devices or address to the qualified specialists. Often happens that the system of the prevention of limiting wear starts to work incorrectly. Finally the driver does not suspect that is in a step from loss of brake disks as the couple of mm on brake shoes is is already critical. If the moment is missed, the respective gnash will prompt to you that at present together with replacement of blocks you should pay besides for pair of brake disks as they are better for changing together because of non-uniform wear. Drum-type brakes, by the way, are protected from similar troubles and serve even more long, but they lose on a number of more printsipny fig.
Brake shoes in disk brakes can wear out quickly enough
The most part of modern cars are equipped with system of anti-blocking of brakes of Abs. It is necessary to look after her, if you wish to avoid impressing accounts for repair in the forthcoming. Brake liquid actually magnetically draws water which together with other negative impacts of environment can lead to emergence of a rust. It is the precondition of breakages enough expensive details, for example, the pump Abs.

Some words about a radiator. If you come into shop of a car of spare parts and will see the price list on this detail "radiator", hardly want to change it in the near future. As for important extension of term of life of a native car of a radiator it is necessary to change cooling liquid only once in 4-5 years. Similar procedure will have not bad influence as well on the pump with a radiator of heating system. Try to teach also without the aid of others to difficulty, after all quite often happens that the broken radiator after check appears serviceable, and discrepancy is covered only in the torn branch pipe, which replacement – business of 5 minutes and the insignificant sum of means. In services very much love similar cases.

Spark plugs
It is not necessary to underestimate spark plugs. After all, without their any internal combustion engine cannot work. Wear and pollution of spark plugs depend on many circumstances, including not only motor model, but also service conditions and quality of fuel. At enough not bad circumstances of a candle can "run" to 150 thousand km, and even it is more. But during this time owing to corrosion and diffusion the spark plug can merge simply together with a block head cylinders. In this case repair can "cost a pretty penny". It is even more favourable to change candles at least time in 50 thousand km of run. Adverse service conditions can reduce this run twice, and even it is even more. If the cursor started to work unstably, first it is necessary to check directly candles. So invariable technical service – at all a whim of the producer. If to look after all systems and units of your car, it is possible to prolong term of its operation considerably. You would not catch what car, the main rules will be similar: severe observance of the norms ordered by plant, periodicity of replacement of expendables, careful exploitation of the hardware. In this case you yet should leave the loved iron horse soon! 

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