How to change oil in the car

How to change oil in the car
Oil replacement in the car is a dirty and terrible procedure. Perhaps, it is necessary to address for the help to the qualified mechanic. If after all you decided to make it without the aid of others, change clothes in working clothes. Unlike check of level of oil which is led approximately once a month, replacement of oil becomes time in some months or through each 5 thousand km run. It is best of all to change oil after a long trip when the car is heated-up, and oil anywhere залипает. For those who is not afraid to lie down on the earth and to be soiled, a site "Know as” gives sequence of operations.
1. Raise a forward part of the car. Because you should work under car, use for this purpose a stage. Do not risk car installation on a jack which can slip out from under the car. Be convinced that are on a platform with a horizontal surface. Raise a forward part of the car approximately on half-metre so that to you was to lie with comfort under car. Put under back wheels for an insurance bricks or шлакоблоки and put the car on the hand brake to guarantee the safety.

2. Find the oil pallet. Lying on a back, creep under a forward part of the car, having grasped with itself the necessary tools: a wrench, a special key for the oil filter (it is on sale in shops of a car of accessories), the new oil filter and capacity in volume more than 5 l., in which later you will merge oil. Find an oil case; to look it should as flat capacity with the stopper screwed in in the lower part. Placement of a case depends on a car design.

3. Merge old oil. Having found the oil pallet, a wrench unscrew a stopper, having substituted under the pallet capacity, – in it oil from an opening will flow down. Let’s to oil flow down completely. Be careful: oil can be hot and cause a burn.

4. Remove the oil filter. The oil filter is a cylindrical product, its placement depends on make of the car. A special key turn off the filter. Keep a vessel for the fulfilled oil under it. Having removed the filter, you can throw out to a meeting it.

5. Screw in a stopper in a case. Screw up a stopper as the touch is possible to avoid an oil leakage.

6. Establish the new oil filter. On the new oil filter there is a rubber sealant about a carving. A little oil a sealant. Screw in the new filter to the place of the removed.

7. Fill in new oil. Get out from under the car and open a cowl. Having unscrewed the cover located on a cursor with a mark "Oil", fill in necessary quantity (about 5 l.) oils. Having filled in oil, screw up a cover.

8. Check, whether there are no leakages. Get a cursor and, without switching off it, leave the car and glance under it, whether oil flows. If oil proceeds, it is necessary to screw up a stopper or the oil filter more strong. If after that oil proceeds, it is necessary to address to the mechanic.

9. Check oil level. If there are no leakages, switch off a cursor and check oil level. If it is necessary, add oils. Close a cowl and move down from a stage.

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