How to keep a car glasses

How to keep a car glasses
The windshield is more vulnerable part of the car, without considering a radiatorny lattice because directly it dissects air beds in front of the car, taking up blows of various microparticles. Quickly enough the windshield loses the transparency, on it there are потёки from collision with it of insects, mixed scratches which it is rather heavy to remove without glass polishing. Lateral glasses are exposed to the same loadings, however, to a lesser extent because the dust passes by them casually. To reduce negative impact of a dust on glass, to the motorist will fit not out of place to get a car a cleaner of glasses. Well and the ordinary smyvatel filled with usual water, can render invaluable service in purification of glass if it is correct to use it. And it is necessary to begin with that the tank of a smyvatel always was full, as well as the car fuel tank, on another can happen so that by pressing the lever of a smyvatel, the motorist will find out that «to shoot there is nothing», "holder" is empty. 

Introduction of nezapyatanny water, naturally, more ordinary way of washing off from dust glasses, but after all constantly is in air mass of other substances, beginning from particles of pitches and silicone chemical products, and finishing droplets of oils which too contain in a smog. All this, getting on car glasses, creates almost indelible film, not only worsening visibility, well and moderately putting glasses out of commission under constant pressure of air. To get rid of such unpleasant film on a windshield, one nezapyatanny water not enough, the special chemical additives, the autoshampoo at least added in water in a small proportion are necessary. Well and shampoo one to another discord because it is possible to use some only two once a month for car washing, and invariable hit of such shampoo together with water on the painted metal of the case can badly affect it. 

As it is necessary, too it is necessary to choose shampoos, it is better such which do not leave stains. It is possible to use special waters for washing of glasses, they, usually, are not dangerous to details from metal, plastic or rubber and do not leave traces on glasses when dry. Driving with open windows too is not so useful to glasses, but already for their internal surface because the same microparticles get to salon of the car and settle on glass inside. A jalousie used at one time too could put scratches on back glass, in particular when was executed from very narrow, flexible metal — the wind with force pressed them to a glass surface, and they left on it scratches. Therefore it is best of all to open on the window leaf car, or to establish over glass special peaks — deflectors, and to slightly open glasses so that they did not appear below protective peaks. Then there will be less probability that the dust will get into salon and leaves the trudnoudalyaemy autograph on glass inside.

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