Car of fraud of

Car of fraud of
Until recently was registered that "stains" of drivers through provotsirovany road accidents remained in a past. A pier, at present crime replaced Chinese "Adidas" with expensive suits, and yesterday’s bandits from dark gates changed offices and "Mercedes". But, as practice of the Russian roads, a picture absolutely another shows. In a today’s material we will disassemble some cases when it is possible to get on a hook of autoswindlers. 

On the road

So, "setup" the 1st. Occurs directly on the road in the course of movement and it can be played", itself it is not enough, in the 3rd options. The most ordinary is calculated on an ordinary driver’s carelessness. For this purpose the villain chooses a road site with dense movement (can near an intersection), where sudden braking of one of cars – business absolutely ordinary. After a "victim" choice the villain takes a place directly before a going car and, having chosen the right time, when the victim will distract, sharply brakes. Happens, as it is not necessary to distract. Enough in a flash to brake on a yellow signal of a traffic light, and collision is provided. Perhaps, swindlers also do not know all traffic regulations, but point 9.10 as отче ours:« The driver should observe such distance to moving ahead of the hardware which would allow to avoid the collision, also suitable lateral interval providing traffic safety». In 9 cases from the 10th responsible for road accident the driver who at the moment of collision moved "is appointed". The victim on a hook.

The 2nd option is slightly more difficult, because without considering the car setup there is a car – "provoker". Business usually occurs so. Nothing the suspecting victim goes on the average to a row. On the right and at the left, playing an escort role, two cars move. Without lagging behind, well and without being accelerated. At all this the car at the left – "provoker", is, usually, expensive foreign car. After a while the driver of "provoker" pulls a wheel on the right. Natural reaction of "victim" – to leave from collision. She looks for rescue on the right strip where it is waited already by "setup". A result – road accident with material harm. Guilty for a long time it is not necessary to find.

3rd option. "Setup", moving on the right and slightly behind the victim, waits for the moment when the last will begin evolution in the right row. From the maneuver beginning "setup" sharply increases speed, holding up a wing. Everything occurs so quickly and professionally that almost always it seems to the provocation victim that really it is guilty in incident. Above-mentioned examples already became presently classical. But the creative and here is not necessary on a place. In Yekaterinburg cases of absolutely new type of fraud already met. He can be created in the city centre in the presence of terrible cars of jams, near shopping centres etc. The main component of deception in that a car the stream moved with small speed, about 10-20 km/h.

The sense of "divorce" consists in the following. On the road there is a guy who moves sideways between the cars parked at a roadside and going transport. In other words there is a feeling that the guy simply goes to own hardware. At all this it says by phone. Directly on a tube the accomplice who shoots all this business with the chamber, and transfers to it, during what moment it is necessary to make necessary movement. Movement consists in that at emergence of more or less decent car to execute type casual maneuver and to fly for the going car. At all this бандюган touches with a hand a mirror, falls on a cowl etc … Generally, there is a feeling that the driver brought down the person or made arrival. After that the citizen rolling on the earth usually says that with it everything is all right (it actually so – under clothes protection is hidden) and leaves back home.

The car with the frightened driver it is weakened leaves further. But approximately in 30-60 minutes "victim" goes to the next police station and writes there the application that it was brought down by the car and even there is a video of this incident. Naturally, the call is distributed to the driver to whom explain that it brought down the person, put it traumas and disappeared. And to take away the statement from militia, to the car owner suggest to pay certain monetary compensation. How to avoid such "distributing"? As usual – to be more attentive on roads, to pay attention to all suspicious people and, naturally, even after similar malekhanky arrival to call in militia and to tell about the happened. At all this to do a call costs even after the victim without the aid of others will leave from an act place. After all in this case the driver cannot accuse of that any more that it disappeared from a road accident place.

There were cases that "setup" ran into difficulties. The Ekaterinburg motorists say such history. Two foreign cars as if a case did not divide a strip. One car that is even less, on lifting was solved on overtaking of more high-speed and big "wheelbarrow". Collision became a natural result of such impudence. And here, three improbably big men get out of smart "setup" and approach to the 2nd foreign car. In that behind tinted glasses it is visible nothing. And only when one of hlopets seized for the handle of a driver’s door with a question «You че, …?!» the guy of an average constitution got out of the "guilty" car, at a suit, wearing spectacles and… started these little men to beat simply. Dumbfounded, they fell one by one. 10-ki motorists stood and looked at punishment, having opened mouths. After small execution the guy silently sat down in the car and left. Naturally, to operate with similar methods it is not necessary, but it is necessary to hold in the head that swindlers very much are nervous and any sudden difficulties thoroughly confuse them.

Who victim?
But we will return to initial conversation. All cases are united by some moments. In – 1-x, a technique of a choice of the victim. Probable "sucker" is, usually, the person shy, legislative which is simple for taking on a fright. As "planting" not sickly men «with concepts», on the contrary, act. A find for them – the driver, for any reasons not wishing to meet traffic police, or «торопыга», not having time for trials on any "trifle". In these cases operation on depriving of means takes only a few minutes. Then in the next gate the rumpled wing of a false car is prepared by an ordinary hammer, refreshed by paint from a ballonchik, and in half an hour extortioners are again ready to leave on hunting.

What to do? From the criminal point of view to prove illegal acts from swindlers it is actually unreal. About it it is necessary to hold in the head always, as well as that acts of extortioners are calculated on vigorous "arrival" to the 1st seconds after collision. Here time plays on the victim. It is not necessary to give in on any requirements which, by the way, develop over time into arrangements. The heat of swindlers will cool your requirement to continue conversation only after arrival of employees of traffic police. And at all do not pawn any documents, do not show them, do not speak, where live-work, if do not wish to re-embody the following life in torture. It is clear, that the incident, whatever it was, always besides a trauma spiritual, but it is necessary to take itself in hands and to play for time. 

Vobshchem, a situation can turn somehow. For example, having learnt that the car is insured, swindlers from own mobile phone call, type, in insurance company of the victim. After that transfer to "responsible" phone, and the person presented by the employee of insurance company or the average commissioner, receives particulars then declares that as you left a road accident place, this event is not insured event and the company to compensate harm to the owner of the car damaged by you will not be. The type call on car repair shop further follows. In the course of conversation "master" estimates costs for repair – usually at the rate from 1 to 3 thousand dollars. Later swindlers, after long negotiations, will agree on the smaller sum which the victim will pay on a place, or will convince to pass home or for work behind the full sum, at all this the driver by the car will leave on urgent affairs, and his passenger will go with you by your car. After payment to you will write the receipt that to you concerning road accident have no claims, at all this the left hand, having specified "lime" number of the damaged car and a surname.

Call in militia!
Not to become the victim of similar fraud it is, usually, enough to cause by 02 phone of employees of traffic police, at all this it is obligatory from own phone or phone of postoroniy persons, without listening to assurances of swindlers that at their calls free or that will unseat you the driving licence for road accident leaving. Write down brand, number, colour of the car, ask to show documents on the car and the driving licence or the passport of the driver, copy them. Refusal to show documents – the superfluous certificate of that want to make a fool of you. Having convinced that you show persistence, swindlers will disappear.

If you stopped in a desert place and you are afraid of physical impact from criminals, and to cause militia of possibility is not present, agree to pay the demanded sum. And, having referred to that means with themselves are not present, carry 1 of them or to the first comer of a police squad, or to acquaintances who will promote to cope with a situation. If during communication with бандюганами there is a possibility to detain them together with car (for example, forces of passing crew of traffic police), your statement and inspection of both cars there will be enough for attraction them to criminal liability according to Art. 159 a criminal code of Russian Federation (fraud). At the appeal to insurance company behind compensation for the scratched wing report in security service of data about used бандюганами the car and signs of criminals. In any case, swindlers perfectly know that though what qualified inspector of traffic police to a meeting will distinguish "setup" from real road accident. And still the best council the wish will not allow the possibility of provocation. Observe traffic regulations, be very careful at evolution and before intersections, in particular on brisk routes, – that’s all that is required from the driver. And still – be careful of cars with crushed left boards.

At present about frauds in stationary aspects. To run into extortioners here it is possible as it is simple, as well as on the road. Future victim itself digs from time to time to itself a debt hole. Here one case. Very dear motorist, the doctor, the owner still not old «Toyotas the Sprinter», did not see, how his car somewhere a little rumpled. He shared the grief with the director of parking on whom his car constantly spent the night.« Vakh! What difficulties, expensive! – his director, – all reshy answered, sleep easily». And, really, at the night of our teacher roused with joyful news: say, found the person who "outraged" upon his car. There is that in a witness mark on parking under the strengthened protection. When the scientific spouse came to parking, before his eyes there was a picture already other violence. Moral. The director and pair of security guards put pressure on the drunk guy, charging with it with that it it type rumpled a door of teaching "Sprinter". A result was that on pain of any impracticable carats the fellow signed paper, having hung up on a neck a duty in a hundred part of dollars. In principle, the situation is clear – the tipsy driver appeared the victim here, and doctors used "blindly" as "setup". Generally acts of the director of parking, security guards and the teacher fall under acts of the Criminal code – creation of criminal group with the subsequent crime in the form of roguish actions or, still than that is more awful, – extortion. Similar "divorce" – business rather widespread. To avoid troubles, printsipno to hold in the head two rules. the 1st and most important: to take alcohol at a wheel – is more expensive. And the 2nd: never put the car in a separate cell, as though you were persuaded by "stoyanshchik". By the way, the teacher after all was punished. Did not pass also years as "Sprinter" at it stole. 

In salon
For many car purchase – a holiday. But unscrpulous dealers of cars can simply sadden pleasant efforts. That the essence of conversation became more clear, we will address, besides, to a case. Among May of this year one family decided to get "Volga-3110". Having rung round ten motor shows, chose one, more suitable. By phone the manager declared the price for GAZ-3110 in performance "luxury" – 7200 dollars. In an hour potential buyers were in motor show in full readiness to get the car for 7200 "dollars". But the dealer disappointed: — You see practically all motor shows by phone call underestimated the price to involve buyers — the manager justified. — The car interesting you costs not 7200, but 7800 at a Central Bank rate. At recalculation on the Russian currency there were 226 200 rubles. Vobshchem, to sudden expenditure the family appeared is ready and agreed on 7800. Then the manager asked to make an advance payment at a rate of 6500 rubles and to give for design the passport. The most interesting from this point began. In 10 minutes all documents were ready. But buyers were shocked by the price — 249 000 rubles that on 22 800 rubles more declared before making advance payment.

— No, on such price we will not take the car — buyers crawfished. — Return us the made advance payment. — So affairs do not become — representatives of motor show objected. — You have the right to be released, but documents are already issued on you, and we are not going to return to you 6500 rubles. Further conversation flowed in the plane of obscene abuse — dealers started to water practically with a mat of buyers, those in reply too behind a word in a pocket did not climb. When the last thought the developed situation, they made concessions and accepted extortionate conditions of motor show. Not to offend at all clients, dealers generous threw off 10 000 rubles. According to society of protection of the rights of consumers, such scheme of deception of buyers now in a course at motor shows. In Yekaterinburg it, naturally, not at every turn. And, for example, in Moscow such fraud for a long time in a fashion.

In similar cases the rights of consumers to reliable information about the goods are broken. The law Russian Federation «About protection of the rights of consumers» establishes that the dealer should provide to the consumer suitable and reliable information about the goods, including its prices, providing possibility of a right choice. The consumer can demand a full recovery of the losses caused in connection with granting wrong инфы, also compensation of moral harm. But, usually, losses consist only in expenses on journey to motor show, and the most part of buyers close on it eyes. In such cases the "dissolved" motorists should not hesitate and make the complaint in Federal service on protection of the rights of consumers. In general any means can be brought only on the basis of the written contract or other official document certified by the press of the organisation in what car data, its complete set and the price are correctly specified. If you oblige to make an advance payment without respective design, it is necessary to prick up the ears — it, most likely, swindlers. It is better to waste time and get the car in other place, than to run risks to be "thrown". If you came up against a situation similar to the given case, it is possible to collect the suffered harm, after all the dealer has a price list where the price of this car is considered. This "price" together with indications of witnesses will serve as the deception proof from motor show.

How to make a fool of insurers: bad advice to motorists
And finally. About 2 years ago banks and insurance companies faced new types of fraud – a car. For example. Upon car purchase on credit it surely insure, including from stealing. Further the new owner drives away a car to the secondhand dealer, and to militia submits the application for stealing. From the intermediary last owner receives to 30 percent from the car price. At all this printsipno that the owner of the car had both sets of keys which would testify that directly stole the car, instead of robbers selected. Then at insurance company one occasion will refuse receiving an insurance less. Having received means from criminals, the owner receives still, according to the contract with bank, and the latest car. From militian statistics clearly that such crimes reveal from time to time. Similar frauds force banks to hold rather high requirements and percent on the consumer credits.

As to the swindles connected with policies of neotklonimy insurance of a motor vehicle liability (CMTPL), without considering the "classical" scheme when criminals, substituting the car, receive means not from type guilty, and from its insurance company, there are some more methods of illegal receiving means. Relatively not so long since there was «a German scheme». Fraud is completely copied from that which was offered in due time to burghers by natives of the Russian Federation. In Germany to contain the car 5 years are more senior it is economically unprofitable: very heavy taxes on starenky cars, heavy operational costs etc. To embody such car in the country too it is problematic, therefore it is necessary — to hand over one it in junk, at all this and it is not gratuitous. Enterprising Russians suggested Germen to "buy" from their car for a third of their price according to the following scheme. Having received means, the owner transferred to the buyer documents to the car, keys. Foreign car it is weakened crossed border, таможилась, got the new owner in Moscow. And three months later the ill-starred owner resorted in the insurance company, caught at heart and wrote the application that at it stole his favourite. Having received compensation and having added still means, it took itself(himself) the latest car. Now on the Internet there was the whole a lot of announcements of purchase of expensive favourite foreign cars according to «the German scheme». However, preconditions, pushing our car owners on such scheme and all above-mentioned — not heavy taxes, and dream of other, new car. 

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