Checkup: to pay or pass honest?

Checkup: to pay or pass honest?
About 10 years ago before the termination of term of act of the coupon of city checkup the head hurt the majority of motorists about that the car met all requirements of GAI. During present time the question costs on another – that is more favourable and simpler, to get the coupon of GTO or to pass it frankly.

To owners of new cars to think about passing of checkup it is necessary infrequently – new cars to a meeting after purchase this function, and the 2nd time on survey station they simply pass come only in three years. The following checkup in two years – five years’, in particular if is foreign cars, at careful operation and preliminary preparation simply pass tool control.

Let’s count up, how many there is an honest passing of GTO of the car: the state duty and tool control will cost 550 rubles, honey the reference (an expiration date of 3 years) – 500–700 rubles, (the first-aid kit, the fire extinguisher), answering to present state standard specifications, – about 1000 rubles, the signs "Thorns" and «The beginning driver» it is possible to get a set of the motorist for 100 rubles or in general to draw most, and the sink will cost 150–300 rubles. Total there were about 2500 rubles. It is possible to call in also in car-care centre where will check and necessarily will adjust car specifications. The price for these services fluctuates from 1500 to 3500 rubles in case there are no terrible breakages. But this option is more quick for at whom the car is not served any more on a guarantee. Many will wave away supposedly the car as it should be, but it is a pity to time – it is necessary to ask for leave from work, well and this discrepancy is solved quite easily. After work or in the day off it is necessary to approach on GTO station and to write off bank details for state duty and diagnostics payment. Honey the reference is real within 3 years, practically always it "suffices" on two, and even three checkups. Not enough who knows that it is possible to register in GTO function in advance for a certain time and date by phone, in this case it is not necessary to stand in the general turn. Then on obtaining the coupon of city technical inspection only two days leave. Or three-four if in the course of tool control car inspectors find defects. Therefore to pay the state duty and diagnostics it is better a day before survey or on the same day as term of act of payment for tool control makes 20 days, and repeated procedure after elimination of defects will be free.

Purchase of passing of GTO at employees of traffic police in Moscow costs from 3 000 to 5 000 rubles is dependent on extent of acquaintance and number of intermediaries. At all this the paid receipts are included not always into this cost. Someone needs to arrive on station to take the picture for the report, and someone manages only an exchange of documents. On all this leaves from 2 to 5 days. At all this the car owner can remain at the deaf toning, continue and stick together further counter drivers kustarno the established xenon and in every possible way тюнинговать the car.

It would seem, at illegal acquisition of the coupon of checkup there is a lot of advantages, and the main thing – is not present any troubles with bustle on policlinics, banks, car-care centres and shops, it is not necessary to ask for leave from work … Well and on the prices both ways are approximately identical, moreover, the car is more senior, the its honest service more expensively manages. But unless it is possible to estimate someone’s health or even life at superfluous two-three thousand rubles? After all the car is a hardware of the overestimated danger, and health and life depend on the driver going at his wheel being near it. Someone will grin that is unreal by the old car without the aid of others to pass state checkup honest. But such cases are, at all this frequent it is representatives of the Russian motor industry which owners think much of a technical condition of own cars. If not to be lazy and make thrifty use of the car, just right checking its technical condition, even passing of this inevitable procedure will not seem so magic.

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