Atypical autocouncils: seven real ways as will get rid of the autocredit of

Atypical autocouncils: seven real ways as will get rid of the autocredit of
Among last year anybody could not present at all that introduction of a car of the credits becomes so unprofitable. Then banks distributed funds for the right and on is left. Time now came to collect debts. For the last years about a half of all new cars it was sold account. If first and the middle of 2008 more than 40 % of cars were on sale by means of bank crediting, in December the shred of credit sales in the market of Ukraine made only 4.7 %. Banks not only considerably reduced volumes of a car of crediting, well and raised interest rates on already given out grivnevy credits. Payments on the currency credits grew together with a dollar course. To serve a car the credits now it became very unprofitable besides because of decrease the prices for a car in the secondary market. According to the experts from 700 thousand cars about 300 thousand which were in the credit already are in a risk zone. It means that slightly less than a half of all of a car of the credits have delay. Will get rid of the autocredit now many dream. We managed to calculate seven ways as it to make. 

The 1st option the most ordinary and unprofitable – to continue to pay according to the approved schedule. This option is based on the optimistic scenario. It is possible for owners of the dollar credits наедятся only on the termination of falling of a hryvnia exchange rate. That who was financed in hryvnia, the default scenario is more favourable. Plus of this way in preservation good credit history. A minus – huge currency losses.

The 2nd option – will agree with bank about transfer of the currency credit to the grivnevy. Naturally banks reluctantly go on similar transactions, but for them it is better to receive payments on the credit, than to transfer problem debt to collector agencies. In case the bank agrees to transfer debt to national currency the sum of monthly payments will grow, as percent on the grivnevy credits are much higher, but after the credit becomes grivnevy, it is possible to wait for a default with hope.

The 3rd option the most favourable – перезанять means at friends or relatives and to extinguish the credit completely. Plus of this method that relatives will not force to pay percent on a loan, and will not employ bouncers from kollektorsky agency. A minus that hardly in our realities someone will agree to borrow an essential bag, especially in state currency.

The 4th option – change of the car with cheaper model. To get rid from old it is possible both in motor show, and at secondhand dealers. The sum obtained for a prestigious foreign car can suffice on repayment of the rest of the credit and for the car is more modest. Minuses of such exchange are obvious. In – 1-x will get rid of the prestigious car in present realities hard In – 2-x, that who got used to go by expensive cars to change to economic models very much inconveniently. Plus that it is possible to close debts to bank and to remain at all this on wheels.

The 5th option – to give the car to bank. It is necessary to consider that activity of banks is not included into the sphere realisation of cars, respectively he should resort to services of the foreign dealer which will naturally want to earn on the transaction. Moreover, if obtained insufficiently for repayment of debt it will be necessary to pay extra the sums for a car.

The 6th option for thrill-seekers – it is simple to stop to pay the credit and to work with collectors. From time to time banks sell the problem credits to collector agencies much cheaper than face value, the difference depends on debt term. The it is more, the credit is cheaper. Respectively collectors have a gap within which it is possible to bargain. A minus that the problem autocredits do not hurry to redeem a collector yet. But in process of crisis development the collector companies will get stronger and will be capable to redeem similar debts. Moreover on the penalties provided by the bank contract it is possible to lose very considerable sum.

The seventh option – not to pay and wait for court. Collectors it is possible to send safely where far away. Actually their work consists in moral pressure upon the debtor if the debtor appears stronger, for some time process will be frozen. Moreover, to take away the car lawful methods in our country it is very heavy. It is very labour-consuming and difficult procedure. A minus of this method in important currency losses. If after all it will turn out to take away the car to estimate, embody through auction, from the obtained bag to fill all costs of ship process that on repayment of a body of the credit there is not so enough cure. Debt it is necessary to cover the rest without the aid of others.

In the termination it would be desirable to quote Winston Churchill: «the institute of banks is even more dangerous than the armed army». All who deals with large sums understand it and can be those who takes the consumer credits do not understand.

Yaroslav Novikov

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