Cars of the tyre have an expiration date!

All products from rubber are subject to ageing and tyres are not an exception. Special structures and fillers constrain process ageing, but formation of cracks in a protector and боковине, times accompanied by framework deformation — ageing confirmation. The rubber expiration date at all tyres makes 5-6 years from the date of production. Specialists recommend to replace tyres if passed an expiration date of a car of tyres even if tyres did not use.
All tyres grow old owing to physical and chemical processes that badly affects their functional abilities. It first belongs to not used or not quite used tyres. Unlike the tyres being in permanent job, they become in advance fragile since razmyagchitel in a rubber mix become more active only in the course of movement. Concerning when the tyre is completely rejected, at experts is, different representations. For example, Michelin guarantees reliability of own tyres within 10 years. Other manufacturers of tyres and a car the industry establish a limit in 6 years — always provided that the tyre has no preliminary shortcomings given above types. Not including that, printsipno distinction of tyres on categories. It is natural, clear that the class ZR tyre (240 km / hours are higher) at ordinary operation is exposed to much higher loadings, than the category S tyre (to 180 km/h). It means that high-speed cars of the tyre since category H (to 210 km/h) for the sake of safety should be maintained least, than 6 years. Tyres for trailer camps (they stand much, it is frequent with the lowered pressure of air and have small annual run, i.e. perfectly remained profiles) too should be rejected in 6 years, the latest — in 8 years. This council keeps the force and when a profile still the decent.
To find age of the tyre does not make troubles. Solving DOT stamp on lateral face of the tyre in this case is. Where the 1st two numbers mean week, and the 2nd two year: total we have the first week 2000г. At all this bezotstupno it is not recommended to take starenky tyres, but in a critical case by means of the number DOT it is possible, on the last measure, to find their age. Tyres do not give Starenkye инфы how with them addressed as them stored what they already have damages, and it is big risk. Practical experience: in one Italian repair truck on Audi 100 the tyre which before it is was mounted can be, for years — served as cargo for a canvas canopy in a yard, and the water squelching in the tyre, certainly, previously removed. For nothing the suspecting driver (it was the lady) available, but very problem purchase — better it would continue a trip, having established an emergency wheel.
Behind tyres leaving too is necessary, it is not rather simple to remove rubber and to throw it in garage till the next season. To start them it is necessary to clear, for washing of tyres and disks it is better to use a car shampoo. After washing of the tyre it is necessary to rinse carefully that the remains of detergent did not remain protector flutes in openings of thorns or boundaries. Hang up later, if can be, or combine one over another (up to all 4). Not to get confused in tyres, mark, as they were established on the car. Be afraid though of what contact of tyres and disks to chemical or oil substances. Store them in a black, cool place and they will serve to you very for a long time and perfectly. (protect the means).
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