Elimination of 10 defects practically in marching aspects of

Elimination of 10 defects practically in marching aspects of
1. Шлаг couplings burst. It doesn’t matter, find a place where directly it burst, and wind it with crude rubber then rubber wind with a copper wire. Naturally, it not skill top, but to garage or car-care centre hold on. Do not forget to look after level of brake water only.

2. The wheel is punctured, and запаски is not present. Absolutely pertinently that the wheel needs to be pumped up. If to pump up it air, to sense from it will not be, as air will leave through a hole. To have possibility to reach at least to garage it is necessary to pour in the pump of water and to download it in a wheel. In the course of movement water will evenly spread on all volume of a wheel and will start to leave through a hole in a wheel. As the water density is more, there will be it more slowly.

3. If one of spark plugs failed, and to change it there is no possibility, try to return it. If the insulator of a candle is whole, put it for 20 minutes in acetone that it rested in bed in it is mute. During an otmachivaniye acetone will corrode a deposit and you can clean off it a wire brush. After the deposit will be cleaned off, wipe a candle cavity sulfuric or hydrochloric acid then carefully wash out a candle water and adjust a gap. It is ready. The main thing do not forget that is a candle it is necessary to change on normal and the earlier you will make it, the it will be better for your car.

4. To pierce brake drums in field aspects it is necessary to fix strong wheels a protivootkatny emphasis, поддомкратить driving wheels, to remove from a semi-axis a drum (it is meant that at you "classic", well and with front-wheel it it is possible to make the same) and to include the first or reverse gear. At you a certain similarity of the lathe, which roughness you will turn out can smooth a nazhdachny stone or a shaber. If you perfectly fixed the car, it anywhere will not get to, and here hands should be protected.

5. The nut does not turn away. If you thought that there are no forces to unscrew a nut or you are afraid to break it, in other words a set of actions which will help you to turn off it safely. For a start it is necessary to grease it with gasoline/kerosene and to wait for 10-15 minutes while it will not be absorbed in a rust. After this time it is necessary to smooth out very much all dirt round a nut that her detained nothing. When all will be ready – put on it a key and start to tap accurately on it until the nut will not move. As it moved it is possible to turn off as usual.

6. A cardboard – a material not so reliable, and cardboard laying has unpleasant feature to be torn at the most inappropriate moment when the latest there is no place to get. To leave this unpleasant situation remove laying, wash out it уайт-спиритом / gasoline/kerosene then wrap up its isoflight or, at the worst, ordinary packages. Good in it there is nothing but as it is not necessary to choose especially, and it will descend.

7. If the collar and a hose is damaged there is nothing to tighten it, it is very unpleasant. Find a wire slice, very much very much fit its hose or a branch pipe, wrap up several times and twirl short moustaches, but at all this supervise the force not to break them during a zakrutka. Such design is not very reliable therefore do not forget to check its condition periodically.

8. The piece of coal of a trambler failed. If at survey of a trambler you found that the piece of coal failed, it is a thing reparable. For this purpose it will be necessary for you a core from an ordinary pencil. It too carbon therefore any time it will serve you.

If in a way brake liquid flowed out, and to drag you there is nobody, it needs to be changed something. For this purpose approach: vodka, moonshine, fortified wine, antifreeze or soap water. Naturally, it will be not absolutely brake liquid avtoindent.ru, but something is better, than anything and thanks to it you can reach to there where it is possible to get brake liquid (usually it is garage, shop or car-care centre). Only do not forget that before filling of ordinary brake water it will be necessary for you to wash out brake system.

10. If you have chamber tyres, it is possible to test to carry with itself the gate from the tubeless tyre. In case of a puncture throw out the chamber or put it in a luggage carrier, a place of a puncture of a tyre close up with a cud (naturally that from within), and to the place of the ordinary gate put the tubeless. If tyre boards as it should be, it is possible to leave rather far. The main thing not to be dispersed and very not to brake.
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